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I had an unexpected and delightful email from Leslie Camacho, the VP of pMachine (who produce ExpressionEngine, which runs this site). He offered to donate personal licences for ExpressionEngine itself (which allows me access to some very useful modules not available in the Core version), and for the Discussion Forum module. It was a very generous offer that I was very happy to take up. As a result, we now have a new forum! You can view the forum topics and postings without being logged in, but if you want to post, you’ll have to register to get a user account (just use the register link at the top of the forum page).

I didn’t want to install a forum before because it seemed like a big hassle to have yet another kind of installation to manage. But the discussion module is wonderfully integrated into ExpressionEngine, and was easy to install once I sorted out a clash with my existing .htaccess rules (which wasn’t ExpressionEngine’s fault). Even better, user management is shared across the installation, so if you register, you can use the same login to comment on the project weblog, and if I install the wiki module, you can also use the same credentials there.

So have fun and chat away. I’m hoping that the forum will become a great resource for the community to share knowledge and ideas, which will supplement the existing mailing list.

Once again, a big thank you to Leslie at pMachine for the licences!