Release Candidate 1 of Tracks 2.1 Released

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Hi all,

It is finally release candidate time! You can now download Tracks version 2.1 RC1 from github. Please try it out to see if you think it is ready for public release. Any problems you have can be posted to Assembla. Improvements for translations are welcome too.

I will update the installation and upgrade manual soon. I am talking to BSAG to find out how to do this on after the migration of the site to github. In general, you can follow the upgrade manual. Do not forget to migrate your database if you are coming from 2.0. And since we have migrated to bundler for managing dependencies, run “bundle install” (instead of rake gems:install). If you use passenger and the gems will not load using bundler, set the BUNDLER_PATH in .bundler/config.

We have seen a lot of new contributions from several contributers: Ignacio Ihuerta, Christof Spies, Stefan Richter, Mickey Reiss, Demian Gemperli, Matt Rogers, Jan Stępień, Antonin Blanc, Christian Frank, Sebastian Fischmeister, Andreas Brandl, Craig Maloney, Pavel Zupa, Tim Madden, Jaime Hernandez

Also we have two new committing developers (Hi Matt Rogers and Stefan Richter) to keep development of Tracks going. Thanks to all of you!!

For developers: to get to the stable 2.1 release, I’ve branched master into 2.1_branch. Development can continue in the master branch.

This release brings a lot of new goodies:

New and changed features:

  1. Redesign of the completed todos: a new overview page. Also all context and project pages have a link to their completed actions
  2. New locales (es by Ignacio Ihuerta, fr by Antonin Blanc, cz by Pavel Zupa) and updated locales (de, nl)
  3. You can star an action right from the form for adding a new action
  4. Redesign of preferences page
  5. You can now mark an action complete from the tickler
  6. Project names can now contain comma (‘,’) in it name
  7. Context view now shows hidden and pending actions
  8. Mobile improvements (we now require some javascript support on the mobile)
  9. Two extra defer periods in the context menu of an action 10.There is a review page where you can see stalled or neglected projects. There is a reviewed button on the project edit page. 11.You need to change your password: migrated to better BCrypt hash algoritm for storing passwords

New features (technical)

  1. There are two example ruby scripts in /doc to use the REST API to add a todo or a project template with todos from the command line
  2. The tag page can now select actions from mulitple tags using AND and OR. There is no gui for this. Syntax is /todos/tag/tagA,tagB?and=tagC to select all todos with (tagA or tagB) AND tagC

Under the hood:

  1. Upgraded rails to 2.3.12, jquery to 1.7.1 and jquery-ui to 1.8.17
  2. Fixed several issues with the REST API
  3. Upgraded the act_as_statemachine plugin. This change requires a migration. See note above!
  4. Migated to bundler for gem dependencies
  5. Migrated to cucumber and capybara for integration testing
  6. Development mode shows a work-in-progress banner on top of the screen