Tracks 1.7

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Version: 1.7


I’m pleased to announce that Tracks 1.7 has been released.

You can download this new stable version of Tracks at here and an updated manual can be found on github and on the Tracks website

What is new in 1.7:

  • The included Rails version is updated to 2.2.2
  • Tracks now supports recurring/repeating todos
  • Cleanup of feed page and add feed for starred actions
  • New interface to import an email / sms messages into Tracks (needs an email server on the same server as Tracks)
  • New buttons to quickly defer an action 1 or 7 days
  • Calendar view to review upcoming due actions, includes iCal feed to use in your calendar app (tested with Google Calendar, Evolution, Outlook 2007)
  • You can now sort projects on number of active todos
  • Support for OpenSearch. This means you can add a Tracks as a search provider in your webbrowser (tested on FF3 and IE7)
  • We now allow users again to stay logged in on two devices at the same time
  • Move site specific configuration out of environment.rb into site.yml for easier updating
  • Bugfixes, including fixing OpenID

(for those using 1.7RC1/1.7RC2 we dropped the initial importer of yaml files because of its experimental state)

There are changes to the database in Tracks 1.7, and changes to the way you configure Tracks, so please migrate your database and redo your Tracks configuration.

In Tracks 1.7 the site specific configuration is moved from environment.rb into the new site.yml. This makes updating environment.rb much easier without you needing to set your site specific settings after each update. After you install/upgrade to Tracks 1.7 there will be no environment.rb.tmpl anymore. You will find an environment.rb which you can leave untouched. Just fill in your settings from your old environment.rb in the new site.yml. If you have made any other customizations to environment.rb in the past, you can put them in your own configuration file (for example, in my-config.rb) in config/initializers. Please let us know if you think they should be in site.yml.tmpl.

WARNING: if you update to 1.7 using git, your environment.rb will be overwritten. SO PLEASE MAKE BACKUPS

This release of 1.7 will include enhancements made by a lot new contributers (Jakub, Hans, Piotr, MHarris, Piglop, Farzy, Vitaliel, McVeat and Simon; I hope I didn’t forget anyone…). Thank you all for helping Tracks getting better every release. As ever particular thanks to Luke (for updating Tracks to 2.2.2) and to Eric Allen for lots of work on a many fronts, including the site.yml improvements!

Very many thanks to Reinier for his hard work yet again in getting this release together!