Tracks 2.6.1 released

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Tracks 2.6.1 will be the last release to support Ruby 2.6. It also contains numerous dependency upgrades including security upgrades and fixes some documentation and localisation bugs.

Ruby versions below 2.6 are not supported. This release of Tracks is tested on Ruby versions 2.6, 2.7 and 3.0.


  • This will be the last release to support Ruby 2.6, which is already end-of-life.

Bug fixes

  • Lots of dependencies have been updated (including security updates).
  • Fixed some documentation.
  • Updated and added missing Datepicker localisations which caused some locales to fail.
  • Added PostgreSQL documentation (thanks Sean Pappalardo!)
  • URL options can be specified to make autocompletion work behind a proxy (thanks Michal Koutný!)

Updated translations

  • Finnish (by maintainer Jyri-Petteri ”ZeiP” Paloposki)
  • Spanish (thanks Francisco Serrador!)
  • Norwegian Bokmål (thanks Allan Nordhøy!)

You can download the release here. Upgrade instructions can be found in the manual.

Thanks to the contributors of this version:


  • Jyri-Petteri “ZeiP” Paloposki


  • Michal Koutný
  • Allan Nordhøy
  • Sean Pappalardo
  • Fracisco Serrador

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