Tracks 2.2 released

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Hi all,

Tracks 2.2 is being released today with a variety of new features and bugfixes! You can download the release here. Upgrade instructions can be found in the manual

New in this release:

  • Added caching to various parts of Tracks to speed things up
  • Better support for running Tracks with PostgreSQL
  • Improvements to the mobile interface.
  • Drag and drop should work on tablets
  • Upgrade to the latest stable version of Rails. This brings in some changes like new command to start Tracks and precompiling assets. Take a look at the installation or upgrade manual for details.
  • Tracks now includes support for Ruby 1.8.7 and Ruby 1.9. The next version of Tracks will only support Ruby 1.9. Support for older versions of Ruby will then be dropped.
  • Tons of bugfixes, updated locales and other improvements

Changed in this release:

  • The administrator’s email is no longer in the preferences and has been moved into site.yml

Removed in this release:

  • Support for OpenID, CAS, and LDAP login. Support for these different login types will be added back in a future release.
  • Support for the SOAP API. The REST API should be used instead. This may impact your scripts or mobile apps that integrate with Tracks using SOAP XML API.

A lot of contributrions by various people from our community have found their way into this release. This release also sees the addition of a new member to the Tracks team. Please welcome Dan Rice as a new committer! Dan has been instrumental in improving our support for PostgreSQL and making a ton of other small improvements to the Tracks codebase for this release.