Tracks 2.0

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Version: 2.0


A message from Reinier Balt, who has worked incredibly hard on this release. Congratulations to him and to all the other contributors!

Hi all,

After way too long time (1.7 was released on 28 feb 2009!) we are finally releasing Tracks 2.0. I’m hoping to shorten the release cycle in the future…

You can download this new stable version of Tracks here.

Important for upgrade is that the requirements for running Tracks have changed (ruby 1.8.7 / rubgems ~1.5.0). Also be aware when upgrading from a recent development version or RC version to delete the caches stylesheets and javascripts from your install. The updated installation manual can be found on github and on the Tracks website, also containing the details of the changed requirements and deleting the cached files from your previous install.

Please note that xuinkrbin has started a user manual on the wiki. Anyone like to help out and write some stuff about setting up and using Tracks? A user manual if often asked for.

A lot of effort went into Tracks 2.0 and we have seen quite a few new (and old :-) ) contributors helping out with patches and github pull requests. Thanks to you all!

Now, onto the details of this release.

New features:

  1. Redesign of menus and introduction of a context menu per todo
  2. You can now set the default tags for a project which are added automatically to a new action in that project if no tags are supplied
  3. Tracks now includes support of dependencies. Making an action dependent on another action will hide it until the dependency is completed
  4. you can now drag an action from one context to another
  5. Support for entering multiple actions in one form
  6. You can now promote an action to a project
  7. It is easier to view notes on the mobile interface and other interface fixes
  8. The project description supports markup
  9. support for (message://) and OneNote (onenote://) links in notes
  10. The email receiver is now able to receive email from several email adresses. In site.yml this could be set to the previous behavior (receive from one address per user)
  11. You can enable open signup (like in
  12. Cleanup of context page
  13. Support for CAS for login
  14. Support for adding Tracks as a GMail Widget with instructions on the Integrations page
  15. Tracks now support internationalization. First translations are German and Dutch. See it you like to help translating Tracks to other languages. Please report any errors in translations to our bug tracker at Assembla!

Under the hood

  1. All js is migrated to jQuery and most ui-widgets are migrated to jQuery-UI
  2. Cucumber is added for integration testing. The RSpec stories are migrated to cucumber, so are most selenium scripts
  3. Upgraded to rails 2.3.11 and upgraded most gems/plugins
  4. Bugfixes (lots of them)