Jumpbox for Tracks

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The nice people at JumpBox have just released a JumpBox for Tracks 1.7. JumpBoxes are pre-built, pre-configured virtual applications which run in a range of Virtualization software applications. You just download the JumpBox (free), then open the file with your Virtualization software. Once the JumpBox has booted, it will give you a URL which you can visit in a browser. The software will then guide you through setting up an account. If you’d like to try out the JumpBox without installing it, you can use the “Trial This JumpBox” button on the web site, which will let you play around with it to test it out. It’s great to have another method of using Tracks for those of you who don’t want to go to the trouble of installing Tracks and its dependencies on your computer, or installing Tracks on a web host. Try it out! You can download it directly here. I’ll add links and instructions to the manual in due course.

[edited 17 Dec 2010 to update URLs]