New Screencast

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I’ve just uploaded an introductory screencast to the screenshots page. In it, I introduce the basics of starting with a new, blank installation of Tracks, adjusting the preferences, adding contexts, projects and actions, and editing actions. In due course, I’ll add more screencasts on specific aspects, like using tags, the tickler, and the statistics page.

It’s the first screencast I’ve done with a voiceover, so please forgive the stumbling, mumbling parts. Watching the screencast, you might marvel at the fact that I lecture for a living. The thing is, I’m used to a live audience (except at 9am Monday lectures, where the audience is mostly asleep), and talking to myself felt distinctly odd. I also seemed to be channelling Bill Lumbergh from Office Space, with my “let’s go ahead and…”. I don’t know why, because I almost never say that in real life. Anyway, enjoy, and try not to laugh too hard.