New! Version 1.0 of Tracks Released

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I’ve just uploaded the next major release of my app, which is now called ‘Tracks’ (see the comments here for the brainstorming on the name). Full details are here.

Main new features:

  • Updated to run on Rails 0.9.x
  • You can now add next actions to a particular Project on the Project page. This makes it easy to add a load of next actions while you’re thinking about a particular project.
  • A rudimentary login system, which password protects all the main files.
  • Feeds; there’s a fairly basic RSS feed, and a plain text feed so that you can use GeekTool’s magic to display all your next actions on the desktop (thanks to Daniel Von Fange for the idea).
  • User-settable date format. I was previously being rather dictatorial and inconsistent by forcing YYYY-MM-DD format to enter the dates, and displaying it as DD-MM-YYYY format. Now you can choose your own format, and this is used for both entry and display.
  • Uses RedCloth 3.0 for the markup in the notes field. This gives you the best of both worlds by allowing both Textile and Markdown markup.
  • Various bits of tidying up, bug fixes and improvements (and probably many more bugs added!)