Tracks 2.4.1 released

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The version 2.4.1 is a quick release to fix a migration issue affecting 2.4.0.

Tracks 2.4.1 has finally been released! This new version brings Charts.js-based stats and smaller changes to the UI along with many bug fixes and some major under-the-hood upgrades and refactors.

Tracks is now running on Rails 5.2. Ruby versions below 2.4 are no longer supported, but this release of Tracks is fully tested on Ruby 2.4 and 2.5.

Other changes:

  • All tags now belong to a user. Existing tags are migrated to users based on the taggings and duplicated as necessary.
  • All REST APIs now also accept user token as password.
  • A Docker environment is used unless the .skip-docker file exists.
  • Numerous bug fixes

You can download the release here. Upgrade instructions can be found in the manual.

The project is again worked on by multiple contributors, and it is expected to stay more active than in the last couple of years.

Thanks to the contributors of this version:


  • Matt Rogers,
  • Jyri-Petteri “ZeiP” Paloposki,
  • Dan Rice,
  • Eric Moon and
  • Reinier Balt


  • Carsten Otto,
  • Steven R. Baker,
  • Matteo Giaccone,
  • Heiner Wohner,
  • Ryan Truran,
  • Robin Dickson,
  • Jan-Yves Ruzicka,
  • Jaime Martín Jiménez, and
  • Mateusz Konieczny

We gladly welcome any contributions and help you can offer. Get started!