Tracks Gets Its Own Domain Name

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…and a new home! I have now completed the migration to the new Shared Accelerator at, and in the process, gave Tracks its own domain name: You may find that the new server feels a bit more snappy than the old one, and it should be more stable and reliable. The migration process was fairly complex, and it’s possible that some links may be broken, so do please email me if you find anything amiss. I’ve redirected the old domain to the new one, so feed readers should pick up the redirection. If they do not, you might want to enter the new feed URL manually for the RSS2 feed or Atom feed.

I was hoping to replace our Trac bug tracker with a custom solution run with ExpressionEngine (which runs this site), but importing existing tickets proved too much for my pre-Christmas brain! Instead, I imported all the old tickets into an Assembla space. Assembla offers a number of rather cool features, and will be easier for me to administer. You can find out how to use the site to submit tickets here.